Beyond Logos: Decoding the True Value of Luxury Clothes

Stealth Wealth Luxury Fashion

In the flashy world of high fashion, logos scream, trends shout, and wallets weep. But amidst the noise, a discerning few whisper a different language: the language of subtlety, quality, and craftsmanship. This is the language of luxury shirts, where true value lies not in showy branding, but in impeccable tailoring, exquisite fabrics, and timeless elegance.

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Dress Like Princess Meghan Markle with Luxe for Less: Effortless Chic on a Budget

put together outfit for work or a job interview, look classy and professional, but you don't have to spend lot of money on a new wardrobe

Dressing like your favorite Succession character doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and some smart shopping, you can achieve the same effortless chic look as your favorite characters without spending a fortune. In this article, we’ll show you how to build a chic wardrobe on a budget, groom yourself for effortless appeal, and rent designer accessories for a luxurious touch.

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How to Dress Like a Tech Billionaire for $200 or less – Tips from 2023 Fashionista.

Susan Wojcicki Sundar Pichai Sheryl Sandberg Mark Zuckerberg Angela Ahrendts Jeff Bezos Elon Musk stylisches Outfit

Dress Like Your favorite Tech Billionaire on a Budget

   Silicon Valley executives are known for their high-end fashion sense, often showcasing designer labels such as custom-made T-shirts by Italian designers, $450 sneakers, and shoes from French fashion house Lanvin. However, with millions of dollars in annual income and net worth exceeding $1 billion, their fashion choices may not be accessible or realistic for the average person.

So, how can you replicate the personal style of your favorite tech exec without breaking the bank?

Discover how to achieve the same stylish look as a tech billionaire with these low-maintenance shirt options and affordable alternatives. Dress like a tech billionaire on a budget and elevate your fashion style today.

Here’s how to get the appearance of your favorite tech CEO for around $200.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and the owner of Twitter: High-End Fashion Sense

Tech Billionaire Elon Musk casual style and outfit
Elon Musk casual style and outfit

The CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter, has established himself as a trendsetter in the business world. With his high-end taste, he’s been spotted in designer pieces like an Alexander McQueen jacket and a sleek tuxedo.

Get the Elon Musk Look with his signature casual yet stylish style. All you need is a trendy graphic t-shirt paired with practical and fashionable leather boots.

Space shuttle patent t-shirt. H&M slim selvedge jeans. Cole Haan Adams Grand demiboot.
  • Space shuttle patent t-shirt, $25
  • H&M slim selvedge jeans, $60
  • Cole Haan Adams Grand demiboot, $90

Total: $175

Jeff Bezos, executive chairman and CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos, executive chairman and CEO of Amazon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has undergone a makeover in the previous year, and he now has a tougher-looking outfit to match.

Look for a stylish leather bomber jacket and well-fitted trousers to dress like Bezos — and purchase your polo shirts a size too small.

Zara faux leather bomber jacket. Bravo men's Milano-1 wing tip oxford. Gap men's jeans in straight fit.
  • Zara faux leather bomber jacket, $89
  • Bravo men’s Milano-1 wing tip oxford, $35
  • Gap men’s jeans in straight fit, $36

Total: $160

Angela Ahrendts former SVP Apple Retail, CEO Burberry: A Fashion Industry Powerhouse

Angela Ahrendts daily outfit to Apple

Angela Ahrendts, the head of retail at Apple, brings her expertise from her former career in the fashion world. She consistently exudes style, with her signature look being a chic Burberry trench coat, and is often seen sporting fashionable jackets.
Angela Jean Ahrendts, like Bezos, enjoys wearing leather bomber jackets. While Angela’s version is probably beyond of most people’s price range, a comparable version may be found for roughly $100.

DKNY men's faux-leather full-zip jacket. Gap mid-rise perfect boot jeans. Forever 21 faux leather stiletto ankle boots.
  • DKNY men’s faux-leather full-zip jacket, $110
  • Gap mid-rise perfect boot jeans, $49
  • Forever 21 faux leather stiletto ankle boots, $28

Total: $187

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook)

META CEO Mark Zuckerberg, formerly Facebook

For over a decade, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has worn the same outfit every day, although he changed it up recently during Facebook’s annual developer’s conference, F8.
His new appearance is still ultra-minimalist, but it’s more attractive than his signature look of trousers jeans and a gray t-shirt.

J. Crew cotton crewneck sweater. Everlane men's slim fit jean. Nike Flex RN 2017.
  • J. Crew cotton crewneck sweater, $50
  • Everlane men’s slim fit jean, $68
  • Nike Flex RN 2017, $60

Total: $178

Meta Platforms COO Sheryl Sandberg (formerly Facebook): A Fashion Icon in Silicon Valley

Meta Platforms COO Sheryl Sandberg (formerly Facebook): A Fashion Icon in Silicon Valley

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), stands out among her Silicon Valley peers with her chic and professional everyday style.

Get the Sheryl Sandberg style for less with her simple and affordable wardrobe, inspired by pieces from J. Crew and Banana Republic. You can steal her professional wardrobe for under $200.

J.Crew Factory wool dress.
 Banana Republic machine-washable merino pintuck cardigan.
 Mix No.6 dignity pump.
  • J. Crew Factory wool dress, $78
  • Banana Republic machine-washable merino pintuck cardigan, $79
  • Mix No.6 dignity pump, $40

Total: $197

Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Alphabet Inc (Google): Get the Look for Less

Google CEO Sundar Pichai.Credit:  Steven Zimmerman/Wikipedia Commons
Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Credit:  Steven Zimmerman/Wikipedia Commons

As the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai frequently opts for a relaxed, dressed-down style, often seen in track jackets, jeans, and shoes.

While Pichai has been seen wearing Lanvin sneakers, which can cost up to $500, a fake version will cost you around $55.

As the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai frequently opts for a relaxed, dressed-down style, often seen in track jackets, jeans, and shoes.

Topman navy track jacket. Topman Navy PU Swiss retro sneakers. Gap washwell jeans in slim straight fit.
  • Topman navy track jacket, $75
  • Topman Navy PU Swiss retro sneakers, $55
  • Gap washwell jeans in slim straight fit, $55

Total: $185

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO and Google’s first marketing manager: Copy Her Effortless Style

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
Google CEO Sundar Pichai and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube and one of Google’s busiest individuals, always manages to look put-together and stylish.

Get the Susan Wojcicki look with a simple and comfortable outfit that reflects her busy lifestyle. Try a chic leather jacket, sleek black skinny jeans, and comfy ankle shoes.

Zara faux leather jacket with shoulder pads. Everlane double-lined silk v-neck tank. Nine West argyle bootie.
  • Zara faux leather jacket with shoulder pads, $50
  • Everlane double-lined silk v-neck tank, $70
  • Nine West argyle bootie, $60

Total: $180

Why Do Rich Billionaires Dress Simply?

Billionaires do not need to appear wealthy. They have nothing to prove to anyone. Dressing elegantly goes out the window, and comfort takes precedence.
You may not be the CEO of the world’s most valuable technology business, like Tim Cook, or worth more than $1 billion, like Sheryl Sandberg. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like your best-loved tech CEO.

Worry Not! This article will show you how to get dressed elegantly for under $200.

The World's Billionaires outfits list in Forbes
The World’s Billionaires outfits list in Forbes

Dress Like a Tech Billionaire on a Budget with These Low-Maintenance Shirt Options

If you’re looking to elevate your style and dress like a tech billionaire, non-iron dress shirts and wrinkle-free shirts can be a great addition to your wardrobe. These low-maintenance options will help you look sharp and polished without any extra effort.

But are wrinkle-free shirts safe to use? In this article, we’ll break down the myths and give you the scoop on these convenient garments. And if you’re in search of the perfect slim fit shirt, we’ve got you covered with our top three picks.

So whether you’re aiming for a tech billionaire look or just want to upgrade your everyday attire, these tips from a 2023 fashionista will help you achieve the stylish, successful appearance you desire for under $200.

Best Soft Non-Iron Sheets: 9 Options for the Ultimate Comfort

Best Soft Non-Iron Sheets: 9 Options for the Ultimate Comfort

We all want to be comfortable when we sleep, and that’s why finding the best soft non-iron sheets is so important. Not only do they make your bed softer and more comfortable, but they can also improve your sleeping experience. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best soft non-iron sheets on the market today. So whether you’re in the market for a new set of sheets or just curious about what’s out there, keep reading!

Best Soft Non Iron Sheets: 9 Options for the Ultimate Comfort

Do you despise having to iron your sheets before bed? Do you want the comfort of luxurious sheets without sacrificing convenience? If so, then you need a set of soft non iron sheets. There are many options on the market, but we’ve compiled nine of the best for ultimate comfort. Read on for our recommendations!

1.Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle

If you’re considering for an insanely soft and luxurious sheet set, the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle is the perfect choice. These sheets are made from 100% bamboo viscose, which makes them incredibly soft and smooth. Plus, they’re wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without having to worry about wrinkles or laundry.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy these sheets, just remember that bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources. So not only will you be getting a high-quality sheet set, but you’ll also be doing your part to help preserve our planet. So why wait? Order your Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle today!


– Made from 100% bamboo viscose 

– Wrinkle-resistant

– Machine-washable


– Some people may find them too soft

2.Signature Hemmed Sheet Set

Signature Hemmed Sheet Set is one of the softest and most comfortable sheets on the market. It’s made of 100% long-staple cotton and has a sateen finish that gives it a luxurious feel. 

The sheets are also wrinkle-resistant, making them a great choice for those who don’t have time to iron their bedsheets every day. Plus, the signature hemmed detailing gives these sheets an extra touch of elegance. 

If you’re in search of soft, comfortable, and wrinkle-resistant sheets, then the Signature Hemmed Sheet Set is definitely worth checking out.


– Made of 100% long-staple cotton for a soft and luxurious feel

– Sateen finish 

– Silky texture

– Wrinkle-resistant 


– Too smooth to handle

3.Classic Core Sheet Set

The Classic Core Sheet Set is a soft, non-iron sheets set that is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable and comfortable option. Made with 100% cotton, these sheets are sure to provide you with a good night’s sleep. 

Plus, the fabric is treated with a special finish that helps to reduce wrinkles and keep them looking great wash after wash. Whether you’re looking for something basic or something a little more luxurious, the Classic Core Sheet Set has you covered.


– Made with 100% cotton 

– Soft and comfortable feel

– Reduce wrinkles and keep the sheets looking great

– Machine-washable

– Affordable option 


– Users may find them too plain

4.Flannel Core Sheet Set

A Flannel Core Sheet Set is a great investment for people who suffer from night sweats. The fabric wicks away moisture and allows your body to cool down while you sleep.

Flannel Core Sheet Sets are also great for people who tend to get cold at night. The flannel fabric traps heat close to your body, which helps you stay warm through the night. Additionally, the sheets are machine-washable and dryer-friendly, so they’re easy to care for.


– Fabric wicks away moisture to help you stay cool and comfortable at night

– Flannel fabric traps heat close to your body, helping you stay warm through the night

– Machine-washable and dryer-friendly


– Some people may find them too heavy

5.Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Sheets 

Hotel Sheets Direct is a company that sells bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo fibres, which are said to be softer and more durable than cotton sheets. They also do not need to be ironed, which is a plus for people who do not have the time or patience to iron their sheets.

The downside of bamboo sheets is that they can be expensive. Hotel Sheets Direct charges $129 for a set of queen-sized bamboo sheets. However, if you are looking for a high-quality set of sheets that does not require any ironing, then bamboo sheets may be worth the investment.


– Bamboo sheets are said to be softer and more durable than cotton sheets

– Bamboo sheets do not need to be ironed

– Machine-washable is plus


– Can be expensive

6.Linen Flat Sheet

A linen flat sheet is a great choice for those who want a soft and comfortable sheet that doesn’t require any ironing. Linen is a natural fabric that is made from the flax plant. It is known for its durability and its ability to get softer and more comfortable with each wash.

Linen sheets are a popular choice because they are breathable and can help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. They are also absorbent, which makes them a good choice for those who suffer from night sweats. And because they don’t require any ironing, they are perfect for those who don’t have time to spend on laundry.



-Gets softer with each wash

-Breathable and can help regulate your body temperature

-Absorbent, which is good for those who suffer from night sweats

-Does not require ironing


-Can be pricey

-Some people may find them too wrinkled

7.Organic Cotton Sheet Set

An organic cotton sheet set is a great investment for your home. Not only are organic cotton sheets soft and comfortable, but they’re also good for the environment.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, so it’s better for the soil and water quality. It also doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, which makes it safer for you and your family.

If you’re looking for a soft, comfortable, and environmentally friendly sheet set, then an organic cotton sheet set is the perfect choice.


-Grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides

-Better for the soil and water quality

-Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals


-Cons include wrinkle

8.Legends Hotel™ Supima® Cotton Wrinkle-Free Sateen Sheet Set

Legends Hotel™ Supima® Cotton Wrinkle-Free Sateen Sheet Set is a luxurious 100% cotton sheet set that is treated with a wrinkle-free finish. The sheets are soft to the touch and are designed to resist wrinkles and pilling.

The Legends Hotel™ Supima® Cotton Wrinkle-Free Sateen Sheet Set comes in a variety of colors, including white, ivory, light blue, navy blue, and taupe. The sheets are available in queen, king, or California king size. They are also available in standard or deep pocket size.

The Legends Hotel™ Supima® Cotton Wrinkle-Free Sateen Sheet Set is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat.


-100% cotton sheet set

-Treated with a wrinkle-free finish

-Soft to the touch

-Resists wrinkles and pilling

-Available in a variety of colors


-May require ironing to remove wrinkles

9.Performance Sheet Set

Performance Sheet Set is one of the softest and most comfortable sheets on the market. It is a 4-piece set that includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The fabric is made from 100% brushed microfiber, which makes it soft and luxurious.

The Performance Sheet Set is designed to resist wrinkles and pilling. It also features a deep pocket design that will fit mattresses up to 18 inches thick. The set comes in a variety of colors, including white, ivory, light blue, navy blue, and sage green. It is easy to care for; just machine wash cold on the gentle cycle and tumble dry low.


-Soft and comfortable

-Resists wrinkles and pilling

-Fits mattresses up to 18 inches thick

-Available in a variety of colors


Warranty is an issue

How to choose the best soft non iron sheets?

When choosing the best soft non iron sheets, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1.Consider the fabric

Some fabrics are softer than others. If you want the softest sheets possible, look for ones made from bamboo or linen.

2.Think about how the sheets will be used

If you plan on using the sheets for everyday use, then choose a set that is easy to care for. If you only need them for special occasions, then you can choose a more delicate set.

3.Think about the size of the bed

Make sure to choose a set that will fit your bed. If you have a king-size bed, then you will need a king-size set of sheets.

4.Choose a color that you like

Sheets come in a variety of colors. Choose a color that you like and that will match the rest of your bedroom décor.

5. Consider the price

Soft sheets can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Shop around and compare prices to find the best deal.


Soft sheets are a must-have for any bed. They make sleeping more comfortable and can help you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re in the market for some new soft sheets, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the nine best soft non-iron sheets on the market. These sheets will keep you cool and comfortable all night long. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your new favorite set of sheets today!

7 Tips and Tricks to Iron a Shirt | Stop Ruining your shirts Ever

a person ironing a shirt and removing all the wrinkles from shirts by following some advanced tips and tricks

Do you ever get tired that even after putting your best into ironing your clothes, the results are often disappointing? It might be because you are missing some of the important tips and tricks to iron a shirt.

To top that, here are 7 tricks and tips for ironing your shirt to get that smooth, crisp finish you always desire.

1. Dampen your Shirt 

To get the best out of your shirts, dampen them. This trick will not only give a sleek finish to your shirt, but also it will help to save your time and energy. 

three colorful bottle sprinklers for damping shirts to iron

Your shirt should not be soaking wet. Otherwise, it will just ruin your iron and even your shirt. So, get a spray bottle and sprinkle some water on your shirt enough to make them damp. 

You will notice that it will help to get rid of stubborn creases with little to no amount of pressure.

2. Set your Iron 

Your iron comes with different settings, and you need to adjust them according to the fabric of your shirt.

Nowadays irons come with temperature regulators with the types of fabrics to be ironed and the settings to be followed pre-mentioned, making the job much easier. 

If the temperature is too low, you might have to put in a lot of effort and still fail to get the stubborn wrinkles out.

If the temperature is too high, there is a chance you will ruin your dress and also your iron. So, be careful and set your iron temperature in the optimum setting. 

a cyan colored iron on an ironing board and white shirt

3. Instructions on Labels 

We often ignore the labels on our shirts and dresses. They are important and will help you a lot in taking care of your shirts. 

Most fabrics come with ironing and washing instructions. Some labels tell how hot the iron should be, while others guide you to choose between dry iron or steam iron. 

Suppose your fabric did not come with a label. Relax, there is a simple solution. You have to start from the lowest temperature and work your way up.

See what suits your fabric best and keep that for the rest of the fabric. 

4. Ironing Care after a Wash

People often think that washing does not affect ironing time and finish. But that is not true. The way you wash your shirts and dry them greatly affects the ironing properties of your shirts. 

White washing machine with a front door and rolled towels on both sides.

The first step is not to load your washing machine up to the top. It will just add to the wrinkles of your fabrics.

Once you are done with your wash, try to get most of the wrinkles out by shaking.

Your shirts will dry with much fewer creases and wrinkles. Try to hang it or fold it as soon as possible after drying, so the creases do not settle. 

5. Clean Your Iron 

You might see the base of your iron getting black or discolored. And this can be clear devastation for your shirts. 

A stained iron will stain your shirts, and such stains are quite difficult to get rid of. So it’s better to clean your iron regularly.

an iron with a dark stain on the soleplate

6. Pull your shirts Inside out 

Sometimes your shirts have designs made on that are sensitive to any heat. They also don’t need ironing. 

But still, if you feel your shirts need to be ironed, turn them inside out, and you will feel a lot better while ironing. 

7. Use Gentle Ironing Technique 

Do not iron your shirts haphazardly. Start from the outside and work your way to the inside.

Try to iron in straight strokes and most preferably with little pressure.

 If you want to save up some more time, you can line your ironing board with aluminum foil. This will speed up the heating and save you much more time than you think. 

a black iron ironing a white shirt on an ironing board with straight ironing patterns

There are also steam irons, which use hot steam to remove the wrinkles, but a big question is how to use steam iron effectively? Don’t worry we have covered it for you.

Finals words 

Ironing shirts is an everyday practice, and just a few small changes can help you totally change your whole routine. You will notice that the longevity of your shirts has increased, and ironing has never been this easy only by following these tips and tricks to iron a shirt. 

Why Shirts are Expensive? | 7 Important Reasons that Makes us Pay More

folded dress shirts in a rack

Even though there are several discounts and sales on shirts throughout the year, if you want some real high-quality shirts, you have to pay some extravagant price! But have you ever thought about why shirts are expensive?

We are not living in some ancient time anymore, the fabrics, technology, and the overall process to make a good looking shirt is changed altogether. Also, some credit goes to capitalism that you have to pay an extra price for a decent shirt.

With that being said let’s have a look at the 7 biggest reasons why shirts are getting more and more expensive!

1. Supply and Demand 

Demand and supply greatly determine the price of any product in the market. No matter what the production costs have been, if more people are asking for it and the number of products is less, it would definitely lead to hikes in prices. 

Piles of shirts in different colors in a shop

Also, often high-end brands come out with a limited number of pieces, making them an expensive products. People rush to get their hands on the few pieces which eventually leads to pricey shirts.

And with the time passing, the number of consumers has increased with not such a significant increase in the textile which leads to even more demand for shirts.

2. Superior Quality High Price  

We often bash brands that they cost way too much but the least comes on-ground realities, we are paying for the high quality.

business, clothing and people concept - close up of businessman holding folded shirts

Nothing is free so are the high quality shirts. You can buy low-quality shirts for just a couple of dollars. But once you enter that circle of good shirts, they will cost you good money. 

And do not worry, a good quality shirt will speak for itself though you would have to go a little extra mile in terms of money in order to enjoy the supreme quality.  

A high grade shirt will save you the time and energy of having to go for returns and alters proving to give value to your money.

Also, if you like to see the best evergreen non iron shirts, here we have them!

3. Production Costs are Bummer

The cost of production also makes shirts expensive. How much the company is putting in in order to bring a product to the market. 

A company that has higher-cost production will definitely come out with a lesser number of items bringing a high price than you would expect. 

Additionally, the cost of production is directly related to market price. Hence, it is usually not the case that the company is charging you more for the shirt you are buying. It can be simply due to how much it costs in manufacturing. 

 4. Added Costs with Middlemen

Have you ever noticed that if you buy any shirt from a retail outlet it would cost a lot more than a shirt that you buy at a factory outlet? 

red person symbol among the two grey symbol acting as a reason for expensive shirts
Business Concepts – Middlemen

A shirt at the retail outlet would cost you $50 and at the factory outlet, you would find the same shirt at $40 or even $35. This might get you thinking, right?

The reason behind all this is the middleman. Middleman is an intermediary who buys the stuff from the factory and then sells them to us.

This adds to the cost of the total retail price as the middleman adds in his commission for the services.

Many critics suggest that the middleman should be cut out in order to reduce the costs for the consumer. 

In conclusion, the product is not directly coming to you. It comes to you after passing from different parties which adds up to the price.  

5. Increased Wages of Workers

Things have not stayed the same. Due to many factors, inflation has spiked up to 7% with an increase in the worker’s wage by 4.2%.  

workers working in front of a bright sky

The increased prices with increased worker’s wages are justified. The workers now know their worth and are not ready to cut their wages by any chance and hence we end up with expensive shirts.

6. Environmental Friendly Shirts are Serious

With every passing day, the awareness of being eco-friendly is increasing. People are asking companies to make shirts that are made of organic material that pose no harm to the planet earth. 

Not only does it involve organic raw material, but also companies are expected to regulate the manufacturing procedures to be eco-friendly. 

Despite this being a great initiative, it costs a fortune. Every step in this process will cost the company and that will be taken out from the customers. 

Many companies have not made the shift and smaller merchandise end up spending much more money on the production as this practice is not so common again making the cost of your shirts higher than usual. 

7. Designer labels 

If you are a person who fancies designer labels, then my friend those do not come cheap. Firstly the name itself is sold so you are also paying for the name in addition to the quality. 

high quality designer expensive shirts in different colors.

Brands offer an exclusivity that also makes their shirts pricier than others in the market. You will get the sense of fashion and high quality for the price you paid when it comes to designer labels. 


Coming down to the last thread. Cheap shirts are not economical. You can buy one cheap shirt for $3.50 and by the end of half year you might end up spending more than $100.

So cheap shirts might seem to be a good deal but they are not so in the long run. When you hold the fabric, you will know that it’s worth your money.