7 Tips and Tricks to Iron a Shirt | Stop Ruining your shirts Ever

Do you ever get tired that even after putting your best into ironing your clothes, the results are often disappointing? It might be because you are missing some of the important tips and tricks to iron a shirt.

To top that, here are 7 tricks and tips for ironing your shirt to get that smooth, crisp finish you always desire.

1. Dampen your Shirt 

To get the best out of your shirts, dampen them. This trick will not only give a sleek finish to your shirt, but also it will help to save your time and energy. 

three colorful bottle sprinklers for damping shirts to iron

Your shirt should not be soaking wet. Otherwise, it will just ruin your iron and even your shirt. So, get a spray bottle and sprinkle some water on your shirt enough to make them damp. 

You will notice that it will help to get rid of stubborn creases with little to no amount of pressure.

2. Set your Iron 

Your iron comes with different settings, and you need to adjust them according to the fabric of your shirt.

Nowadays irons come with temperature regulators with the types of fabrics to be ironed and the settings to be followed pre-mentioned, making the job much easier. 

If the temperature is too low, you might have to put in a lot of effort and still fail to get the stubborn wrinkles out.

If the temperature is too high, there is a chance you will ruin your dress and also your iron. So, be careful and set your iron temperature in the optimum setting. 

a cyan colored iron on an ironing board and white shirt

3. Instructions on Labels 

We often ignore the labels on our shirts and dresses. They are important and will help you a lot in taking care of your shirts. 

Most fabrics come with ironing and washing instructions. Some labels tell how hot the iron should be, while others guide you to choose between dry iron or steam iron. 

Suppose your fabric did not come with a label. Relax, there is a simple solution. You have to start from the lowest temperature and work your way up.

See what suits your fabric best and keep that for the rest of the fabric. 

4. Ironing Care after a Wash

People often think that washing does not affect ironing time and finish. But that is not true. The way you wash your shirts and dry them greatly affects the ironing properties of your shirts. 

White washing machine with a front door and rolled towels on both sides.

The first step is not to load your washing machine up to the top. It will just add to the wrinkles of your fabrics.

Once you are done with your wash, try to get most of the wrinkles out by shaking.

Your shirts will dry with much fewer creases and wrinkles. Try to hang it or fold it as soon as possible after drying, so the creases do not settle. 

5. Clean Your Iron 

You might see the base of your iron getting black or discolored. And this can be clear devastation for your shirts. 

A stained iron will stain your shirts, and such stains are quite difficult to get rid of. So it’s better to clean your iron regularly.

an iron with a dark stain on the soleplate

6. Pull your shirts Inside out 

Sometimes your shirts have designs made on that are sensitive to any heat. They also don’t need ironing. 

But still, if you feel your shirts need to be ironed, turn them inside out, and you will feel a lot better while ironing. 

7. Use Gentle Ironing Technique 

Do not iron your shirts haphazardly. Start from the outside and work your way to the inside.

Try to iron in straight strokes and most preferably with little pressure.

 If you want to save up some more time, you can line your ironing board with aluminum foil. This will speed up the heating and save you much more time than you think. 

a black iron ironing a white shirt on an ironing board with straight ironing patterns

There are also steam irons, which use hot steam to remove the wrinkles, but a big question is how to use steam iron effectively? Don’t worry we have covered it for you.

Finals words 

Ironing shirts is an everyday practice, and just a few small changes can help you totally change your whole routine. You will notice that the longevity of your shirts has increased, and ironing has never been this easy only by following these tips and tricks to iron a shirt. 

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