Why Shirts are Expensive? | 7 Important Reasons that Makes us Pay More

Even though there are several discounts and sales on shirts throughout the year, if you want some real high-quality shirts, you have to pay some extravagant price! But have you ever thought about why shirts are expensive?

We are not living in some ancient time anymore, the fabrics, technology, and the overall process to make a good looking shirt is changed altogether. Also, some credit goes to capitalism that you have to pay an extra price for a decent shirt.

With that being said let’s have a look at the 7 biggest reasons why shirts are getting more and more expensive!

1. Supply and Demand 

Demand and supply greatly determine the price of any product in the market. No matter what the production costs have been, if more people are asking for it and the number of products is less, it would definitely lead to hikes in prices. 

Piles of shirts in different colors in a shop

Also, often high-end brands come out with a limited number of pieces, making them an expensive products. People rush to get their hands on the few pieces which eventually leads to pricey shirts.

And with the time passing, the number of consumers has increased with not such a significant increase in the textile which leads to even more demand for shirts.

2. Superior Quality High Price  

We often bash brands that they cost way too much but the least comes on-ground realities, we are paying for the high quality.

business, clothing and people concept - close up of businessman holding folded shirts

Nothing is free so are the high quality shirts. You can buy low-quality shirts for just a couple of dollars. But once you enter that circle of good shirts, they will cost you good money. 

And do not worry, a good quality shirt will speak for itself though you would have to go a little extra mile in terms of money in order to enjoy the supreme quality.  

A high grade shirt will save you the time and energy of having to go for returns and alters proving to give value to your money.

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3. Production Costs are Bummer

The cost of production also makes shirts expensive. How much the company is putting in in order to bring a product to the market. 

A company that has higher-cost production will definitely come out with a lesser number of items bringing a high price than you would expect. 

Additionally, the cost of production is directly related to market price. Hence, it is usually not the case that the company is charging you more for the shirt you are buying. It can be simply due to how much it costs in manufacturing. 

 4. Added Costs with Middlemen

Have you ever noticed that if you buy any shirt from a retail outlet it would cost a lot more than a shirt that you buy at a factory outlet? 

red person symbol among the two grey symbol acting as a reason for expensive shirts
Business Concepts – Middlemen

A shirt at the retail outlet would cost you $50 and at the factory outlet, you would find the same shirt at $40 or even $35. This might get you thinking, right?

The reason behind all this is the middleman. Middleman is an intermediary who buys the stuff from the factory and then sells them to us.

This adds to the cost of the total retail price as the middleman adds in his commission for the services.

Many critics suggest that the middleman should be cut out in order to reduce the costs for the consumer. 

In conclusion, the product is not directly coming to you. It comes to you after passing from different parties which adds up to the price.  

5. Increased Wages of Workers

Things have not stayed the same. Due to many factors, inflation has spiked up to 7% with an increase in the worker’s wage by 4.2%.  

workers working in front of a bright sky

The increased prices with increased worker’s wages are justified. The workers now know their worth and are not ready to cut their wages by any chance and hence we end up with expensive shirts.

6. Environmental Friendly Shirts are Serious

With every passing day, the awareness of being eco-friendly is increasing. People are asking companies to make shirts that are made of organic material that pose no harm to the planet earth. 

Not only does it involve organic raw material, but also companies are expected to regulate the manufacturing procedures to be eco-friendly. 

Despite this being a great initiative, it costs a fortune. Every step in this process will cost the company and that will be taken out from the customers. 

Many companies have not made the shift and smaller merchandise end up spending much more money on the production as this practice is not so common again making the cost of your shirts higher than usual. 

7. Designer labels 

If you are a person who fancies designer labels, then my friend those do not come cheap. Firstly the name itself is sold so you are also paying for the name in addition to the quality. 

high quality designer expensive shirts in different colors.

Brands offer an exclusivity that also makes their shirts pricier than others in the market. You will get the sense of fashion and high quality for the price you paid when it comes to designer labels. 


Coming down to the last thread. Cheap shirts are not economical. You can buy one cheap shirt for $3.50 and by the end of half year you might end up spending more than $100.

So cheap shirts might seem to be a good deal but they are not so in the long run. When you hold the fabric, you will know that it’s worth your money. 

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