The 3 best slim fit shirts

Sporty and non-iron

The perfect non-iron shirts for summer.

What actually is a slim-fit shirt?

Nowadays, anyone who has the physique wears a slim-fit shirt. Slim-fit is a type of cut of the shirt — has nothing to do with the material. A slim-fit shirt simply has a narrower cut and thus lies somewhat closer to the body. Of course, you also need the right shape: If you are not sporty or slim, better leave the fingers of slim-fit shirts, these are, namely, in no case on the skin stretch.

Whether it is a slim-fit business shirt or a slim-fit casual shirt, the shirt should fit closer to the body than a regular cut shirt, but in no way should it stretch against the skin.

There are fantastic slim-fit shirts on Amazon – from cheap to super classy. Here are the top 3:

Grin & Bear SH500 Slim Fit Design Men Shirt

My personal favorite shirts come from Grin & Bear. They have effortless slim-fit shirts without any flare, but the fabric is so light that I wear them in the summer without an undershirt, unbuttoned, and with rolled-up sleeves as a T-shirt and polo alternative.

But even buttoned up under the sweater, the Kent collar makes a good figure, and the shirt can be worn well. The price is also more than okay, even if the quality is not constant: It must often still be removed a few threads from the seams, and one (of 5) is with me, the left cuff a little tighter than the right. But so far, the shirts have endured many (even brutal Thai hand) washes, and I just love them.

The non-iron shirt from G&B is available at Amazon: Grin&Bear SH500.

Vincenzo Boretti men shirt non-iron

The shirt from Vincenzo Boretti is supposedly 100% cotton — so I quite believe it but can not. I think there is a little elastane or polyester in it because my shirt comes out of the machine relatively smooth and is thus “ready for use” even without ironing after hanging. The feel of the fabric is excellent. It feels very high quality. Although not quite as airy as the Grin & Bear above – which is why I wear it little in the summer.

Men’s shirt non-iron at Amazon: Vincenzo Boretti.

Kuson Men Business Shirt Slim Fit

The Kuson Slim Fit shirt is fantastic in terms of price and performance. The shirt has an excellent slim cut and two vertical decorative seams on the front, emphasizing the waist. It is manufactured with 3% elastane next to the cotton, not quite non-iron. To this end, I have so far been lucky as far as the seams are concerned – on Amazon, other buyers seem to have had worse experiences with it.

The slim fit shirt from Kuson is available at Amazon: Kuson Slim Fit Shirt.

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