Are Wrinkle Free Shirts Safe to Use? Let’s breakdown the Myths

Wrinkle-free shirts are produced using wrinkle-resistant material, generally cotton or a cotton-rich combination. When you use wrinkle-free shirts, it prevents wrinkles from your shirts while sitting or applying a seatbelt.

It doesn’t mean that you can use them directly after drying them. It just keeps your shirts wrinkle-free when you’re wearing them.

It prevents wrinkles not just from laundering, but also from everyday use. A wrinkle-free shirt is an ideal buy for saving time while dressing up for a day.

It is also good to use when you have a long day, and also you want to look nicer till the end of the day, but are wrinkle free shirts safe to use?

4 Adverse Effects of Chemicals in Wrinkle-Free Shirts 

Wrinkle-free shirts have many benefits, but it also can have toxic effects on your skin. The material used in wrinkle-free shirts might damage your skin. To know about that effects, keep reading.

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1. Formaldehyde 

Formaldehyde is a chemical that is primarily present in wrinkle-free shirts. But it can also cause various skin problems with you. Mostly, the clothes famous for being wrinkle-free are mystical by such compounds. 

The thread from which their processing occurs is soaked in this compound so that they appear clean and pressed. Experiments also prove that formaldehyde causes skin irritation when we use them.

2. Surfactants 

Surfactants are another chemical. It is weirdly present in the clothes. Many factories and manufacturers are using surfactants in their clothing manufacturing. Surfactants help them in scouring, dyeing, and finishing their clothes. 

They’re frequently using it for antistatic, detangling, and soothing purposes. Surfactants are not as hazardous to people as other chemicals. 

But a chemical that affects human skin and is dangerous to marine life.

3. Phthalates

Phthalates are commonly present in athletics, sportswear, and extra polymer embellishments. These Phthalates are a type of plasticizer for use in printing. 

It is helpful to employ rubber components to print pictures and trademarks on clothes. They have also been connected to hormonal changes and be harmful. But exposure only doesn’t seem to be that bad. Don’t worry, it will get better!

4. AZO dyes

Most manufacturers use AZO dyes regularly in the dying process in textile production. They include quantities of p-Phenylenediamine, which can induce skin reactions and rashes, most abundant in black and brown pigments. 

Some dyes include mercury-containing hues, which can injure the body and tissues.

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How to protect yourself from these Chemicals?

It is indeed difficult to compromise on the ease of wrinkle-free clothing. But we have an excellent solution for the users of wrinkle-free clothing. 

Now, manufacturers are also providing formaldehyde-free clothing with wrinkle-resistant characteristics that are now available.

Still, do yourself a favor, look through your wardrobe, and check if you have any wrinkle-free clothes. If yes, look up the product to discover if they utilize it in their clothes.

Before putting on new outfits, it’s a smart option to rinse them. You can quickly eliminate the high percentage of formaldehyde before something reaches your body used by this method. 

Also, before you buy anything, could you give it a good sniff? Keep that on the shelf if it has a high artificial odor. 

Final words

So, yes! Wrinkle free fabrics are safe to use. We hope this post will be helpful for you to understand the side effects of wrinkle-free shirts.

But don’t forget to wash your clothes before wearing them if you are using wrinkle-free ones.

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