How to Steam a Non-Iron Shirt in 2023? 3 Best Ways to Steam Clothes

You have a non-iron shirt, and you feel sometimes it needs a few final touches to achieve that crisp look. So, let’s see, how to steam a non-iron shirt in 2023?

A non iron shirt does not necessarily mean that it does not need ironing, but it means that once it is ironed or steamed, it maintains its fine finish. 

There are many ways by which you can steam your non-iron shirt and enjoy the exquisite finish and perfection. 

What is a Non Iron Shirt?

A non-iron shirt is any shirt that does not need ironing that often. You can wash it, and it can be ready to wear. 

Assorted blue dress hanging on wooden hangers

During the manufacturing process, it is treated with formaldehyde and then baked at a specific temperature. The fixing makes the formaldehyde adhere to the fabric’s fiber, making it almost resistant to wrinkles. 

Some of you might understand that it is written non-iron, so you cannot iron it or steam it. You can iron or steam your non-iron shirt if you feel like it. It’s just it does not need ironing that often. 

Why is Steaming better than Dry Ironing?

Everyone has their personal preference. Some prefer dry ironing, while some feel easier with steam ironing. 

In our opinion, steam ironing is better than dry ironing for your non iron shirt, and here are all the reasons why?

1. More effective

Steam iron is made to be more effective. The steam penetrates through the shirt’s fibers, making it easier to get the wrinkles out. 

Steam coming out of an iron on the fabric

2. Less time consuming

While using a dry iron, you might need to give harder strokes for a longer period. While steam ironing your non-iron shirt, a few light strokes will work. 

3. The integrity of non-iron shirt

Steam ironing your shirt will not damage it. Rather, it would bring out that shin that will make you stand out in a crowd.

3 Ways to Steam your Non Iron Shirt 

There are many ways that you can steam your no-iron shirt. Steaming it would be the easiest job as it only needs little to no effort to be wrinkle-free. 

1. Using a Household Steamer

You can buy a professional steamer to get the job done. Here is a step guide to getting your non-iron shirt steamed.

Choosing a Steamer

There are many streamers out there, but you need to buy one that suits best for your needs. There are two kinds of steamer. 

One is portable, and the other comes with the setup and hanger. You can buy the all-purpose steamer if you have space around your room. 

A commercial steamer oozing out hot steam

But if you are on the run, we suggest you go for a portable steamer.

Preparing the Steamer

Now that you have your steamer, it’s time to prepare it. Add in the amount of water recommended on the steamer, not filled up until the top, just enough to make it work.

Set your Clothes

If you have an all-purpose steamer that comes with the built-in hanger, then well and good. But if you have a portable steamer, find a good hanger that fits well with your shirt. 

Let’s Steam your Shirt

You are all set, and you can start steaming your shirt.

  • Start working from the shoulders and collars. 
  • Keep the steamer close to the shirt to get the best results. 
  • Do slow strokes so that the fibers get straightened to give a smooth look.
  • Once you are done with the front, go to the back and repeat th whole process. 
  • After that, hold the arms by the cuff and slow steam it off. 

Let your Shirt Cool

Once you are satisfied with the finish of the shirt, let it cool before you wear it. 

several non iron shirts drying in an alley on long rods

2. Steam Iron 

There is more than one way of getting your non-iron shirt steamed. If you have a steam iron at your home, that will work the same as a steamer. 

Here is how you can steam iron your shirt. 

  1. Fill in the water tank of the steam iron. 
  2. Set the write temperature of your iron according to the fabric you need to get steam ironed. 
  3. Place your non-iron shirt on the ironing board. 
  4. Starting from the collar and the shirt front, steam iron your non-iron shirt with light strokes. 
  5. Remember to keep your strokes straight to preserve the integrity of your non-iron shirt. 
  6. Move your way towards the arms and the cuffs.  
  7. The steam iron also works by incorporating steam but at the same time adding the effect of a hot iron. 

3. Shower steam 

Another unconventional yet effective method to get wrinkles out is putting your clothes in a hot shower, and voila, you have a wrinkle-free noniron shirt. 

  1. Set a wire in the shower. 
  2. Start your shower so that the steam builds up. 
  3. Hang your clothes on a hanger and then on the wire in the shower.
  4. Let them stay there for 15-20 mins. 
  5. Your non-iron shirt will be wrinkle-free when you get that out. 
hot wooden bath filled with steam

You can also iron your shirt, but if you want to know what can happen if you iron your non iron shirt, you are in the right place!


You can remove the wrinkles out of a non-shirt in many ways. Steaming is beloved to be the most effective way to have the job done in 2023 as it is easier and does not damage your non-iron shirt by any means. 

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