What Happens If You Iron a Non iron Shirt?

Many of us confuse the concept of a non iron shirt. As the name suggests, you might think that a hot iron can go nowhere near my non iron shirt.  You might be wondering what happens if you iron a non iron shirt? 

Let’s start with this, non iron shirts can be ironed and they will not be ruined. As long as you are being careful, your shirt will stay brand new.

Non iron shirt

A non iron shirt is not something out of this world. These shirts are just a step- up in the world of the textile industry trying to keep up with our busy routines.

A non shirt is like any other shirt of cotton or other material but while you are ready to wear them, you will not feel the need of going through the drill of ironing these shirts.

navy blue, light blue, and white color shirts lying on the white card board

You can wash your non iron shirt, dry them and they are ready to wear. And you might think that quality is not up to the mark. But you will be shocked by the fine quality. 

You will find everything you find in any other shirt just with a dash of another perk which is you can skip ironing it. 

How do non iron shirts work?

There is no rocket science with how these shirts work. The way these shirts are treated is all where the magic happens. 

The shirts are made as to any other shirt out there but what happens after that gives that sharp look to your shirt without ironing. 

  1. The shirts are treated with formaldehyde which is a chemical substance used for the preservation of human tissue. No need to worry. Almost negligible amounts are actually left after the process. 
  2. After formaldehyde, they are passed from high temperatures in order to theoretically fix the formaldehyde. 
a light blue dress shirt on a black rod and wooden hangar

Formaldehyde and the fabric fibers form strong bonds preventing the appearance of wrinkles and creases helping you achieve your everyday look with much ease. 

How to keep the Integrity of your non iron shirt?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Will, your shirt be damaged if you iron your non iron shirt? What will happen to your non iron shirt?

It is not such a big deal if you iron your non iron shirt. You just need to be cautious while doing this otherwise, you may end up damaging your shirt. 

1. Be careful while ironing

You can iron your non iron but with some care. You need to use the least amount of pressure and low temperature will do the job. 

You might think that as they are treated, they might need high temperatures and a lot of pressure. But the reality is quite the contrary.

Another thing that you can try is just iron on the creases and not the whole shirt. Why bother doing all the shirts? Just iron the fine lines and be done with it adding to the longevity of your non iron shirt. 

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As long as you are keeping the right temperature setting, you can pretty much nail ironing any fabric, not just the wrinkle free fabric.

2. Machine warm wash 

No need to do an abrasive wash with your shirt. In order to maintain the natural finish of your non iron shirt, use mild detergents and lukewarm water to wash and clean it. 

Check for any tags on your shirt and follow the washing instructions if there are any to make the was even more suitable according to the material. 

3. Drying 

The drying can be done by two methods. 

Tumble dry: You can opt for tumble dry on low settings 

Air dry: Or you can choose to air dry your non iron shirt. Here the secret ingredient will show the trick. 

3 Steps to Dry a Non Iron Shirt

  1. Just hang the non shirt. Try to use the hanger that is of your shirt size. 
  2. Straighten the creases with your hand. 
  3. And let it dry. You will get an ironed shirt without actually having to iron the shirt
blue, pink, and white dress shirt hanging on hangars

Can you Steam your non iron shirt?

As long as you can iron your clothes, you can steam your non-iron shirt as well. A non iron shirt does not mean that you cannot iron it. It just means that you need to. They can do well without one. 

Every now and then, you might be needing to get the wrinkle out, and getting it steam is one way to go for it. 

No need to worry. It will not ruin your shirt or something. Rather it will just give a refreshed look to your shirt. 

How to steam your non iron shirt?

Hang the shirt on a hanger according to the size of the shirt otherwise, it will keep slipping off. 

Place the hanger on the steamer hook.

Set the steamer on a low setting as the fabric is quite easy to steam. 

Start with the stiff structures like a collar, packets, and cuffs. For this, you can set the setting a little higher.

a commercial fabric steamer along with some wrinkled clothes hanging on steel rod

When you are done with the hard part, the rest of the shirt is just a game of 5 minutes and your shirt is ready to wear. 

3. Best ways to get wrinkles out

From time to time, you might feel that you need to iron your non iron shirt. It has also been observed that you need to get the wrinkles out at the start of your day and throughout the day, the shirt stays the same without any wrinkles. 

Following are the ways to get wrinkles out of your non iron shirt if you ever decide to do so. 

1. Warm wash and tumble dry

Just this simple step and you have your wrinkle free shirt. Wash it with lukewarm water and then give a gentle spin. Hang it to air dry. Once it dries you, you will not feel the need of ironing it.

2. Wrinkle-free spray:

There are sprays commercially available. They best work on a cotton shirt. You can make one at home. Add in water and vinegar and there you have it, your very own wrinkle free spray. 

Spray it on your shirt while it’s hanging and let it air dry. 

3. Ironing 

Ironing on a low setting would not damage the integrity of your shirt. Just be careful and give gentle light pressure strokes and you can get the wrinkles out.

an old man ironing clothes with an old iron.

Bottom line 

To conclude, we could say that, it’s safe to iron your non iron shirt given that you are cautious and do not burn it with high settings of your iron.

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