Are non-iron shirts worth it in 2023? Let’s unfold the truth together.

Non iron shirts are a topic of debate in the textile industry. Many states it is a waste of money for people swearing by the ease, comfort, and longevity. This can make you feel the dilemma of whether non iron shirts are worth your money or not?

From a broader perspective, the answer is yes, but…

If you are a person who goes by the principle of value for money and is considering buying non iron shirts here is all the information you might need. 

Non Iron Shirts vs Easy Iron 

There is not much difference between the non iron and easy iron shirts. Just a few subtle differences can make them discrete from each other. 

Blue color non iron shirt on a statue.

Easy iron as the name suggests will need little temperature and pressure. It will not take much time to iron and get the best out of it. 

These shirts are made of polyester or cotton which makes the material itself quite easy to iron without having to put a lot of effort. 

On the other hand, non iron shirts need no iron. You can wash them and be done. They are treated with formaldehyde.

The treatment helps the shirt stay in its intact form. You will not have to spend time ironing it. It is not that you cannot iron them. Ironing them will not damage them or something. It is just that they work well even without an iron. 

Are Wrinkle Free Shirts Safe?

The word is out there that wrinkle free fabric is not safe. They can lead to health hazards and people have been hesitant to buy and use them. 

Little do people know that all the tea spilling has no scientific basis or enough evidence to support the stance. 

What are Major Conspiracies related to Non Iron Shirts?

maroon non iron shirt without any wrinkles

1. Cancer

This is the most concerning part when it comes to non iron shirts. There are words that claim non iron shirts are of no good. As they are treated with formaldehyde, it is nothing but a problem.

We hear formaldehyde and we are fed with the idea that it can be nothing else than carcinogenic. 

Let me tell you, the case is not as such. After the shirt has been treated and baked. Just a fraction of the amount is left in the shirt making it quite safe. 

2. Uncomfortable 

There are many misconceptions. As the shirts are treated, the material will be stiff and uncomfortable to wear. 

Non iron shirts are no different than any other shirts in the market when it comes to ease of earring and being comfortable. 

The shirts are made of cotton fabrics usually and wearing them is a pleasant experience. 

3. Skin allergies 

Now, this has two sides. One side of the coin is that the amount of formaldehyde being used is safe and will not initiate an allergic reaction. 

But if anyone is sensitive to formaldehyde then that is the other side of the coin. If someone is sensitive and cannot tolerate even the slightest amount, it may lead to skin issues. 

Other than that, non iron shirts can do no harm. They are good to use and cannot do potentially any harm. 

A number of dress shirts aligned together and hanged on hangars

Are they really non iron?

The non iron shirts are subjected to treatments that can make them resistant to getting wrinkles. 

But after washing and drying, you might feel the need of ironing your non iron shirt. Not that you cannot wear them without ironing. Of course, you can if they are dried properly. 

However, every once in a while you might feel like ironing your non iron shirt. That will help get your shirt to crisp up and make you look edgy. 

Ironing your non iron shirt

In case you decide to iron your non iron shirt. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. No need for high temperatures if you are ironing your non iron shirt. The lowest setting would do the magic. 
  2. You can just iron the parts of your shirt that actually need some ironing like collars and cuffs for saving some time. 
  3. The fabric gets ironed quite easily, so no need to put a lot of pressure while ironing. 

3 Perks of having a non iron shirt 

confident guy with a sky blue shirt and black tie shaking hands with a successful business deal

1. High-quality fabric

The fabric selected for a non iron shirt is usually of fine quality. The chosen fabric is resistant to getting wrinkles leading to a desired finish. 

Almost all the non iron shirts you come across will give you that high end vibe that makes it look stylish and comfortable at the same time. 

2. Best for traveling 

Who has the time and place to iron clothes to iron while traveling? A non iron shirt comes quite handy when you are on the go. 

You can iron them once and pack them and they would not need any iron when you take them out to wear as they are resistant to getting wrinkles

3. Saves time 

Guess so, it is evident that non iron shirts save the daily hassle of ironing your shirt. This saves you your time and you can use that somewhere more productive. 


Non iron shirts are totally worth buying. They have been around the market for quite some time and pose no danger of any kind. 

It would not be wrong to say that a non iron shirt is a must have in men’s wardrobe and enjoy hassle-free mornings without having to go through the drill of ironing clothes.

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